8 strategies used by criminal defense lawyers to win their cases!

Criminal defense is a tough subject. However, experienced defense lawyers make the best possible use of resources to find a way out for their clients. Most people find themselves entangled in legal problems. As such, they will need someone to defend them in the court of law. Remember, you are not guilty until proven and it is only by hiring a criminal defense lawyer that you have a chance to come out clean. 

Defense attorneys will make use of certain strategies to reduce or dismiss the charges, based on the circumstances. In all likelihood, they will take the following steps:

#1.Presumed Innocence:

Unless the prosecution is in a position to convince the jury of the defendant’s guilt, your defense lawyer will make it a point to dismiss the charges.

#2.Reasonable Doubt:

It is a must for the prosecution to convince the defendant’s guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. For the same reason, the prosecution must have a high degree of proof, and as such, your defense lawyer will counter-argue that without producing any tangible proof, there isn’t even enough room for any conviction. 


If you were not present near the scene of the crime and have evidence that you were someplace else, this can be put to use by the lawyer as an alibi. 

#4.Act of Self-Defense:

Generally used in cases involving assault or homicide, as a defendant, you can claim to have assaulted the plaintiff, because the same happened to attack you. In such a scenario, the defense lawyer presents the case on your behalf by providing a detailed scenario of the action taken by you as a means of self-defense, or else you would be dead by now. 

#5. Acting under Duress:

The defense lawyer makes the case by putting arguments to establish that the crime by the defendant (you) was committed under duress, as you were threatened with unlawful force. 

#6.Crime under Influence:

If you had committed any crime, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the lawyers will make it a point to argue that your sense of reality was somewhat impaired. Being under influence doesn’t necessarily absolve you of any crimes, but it might help in reducing the sentence.


This is a rare instance, where the government or the law agencies compels an individual to commit a crime that he or she would have never committed in the first place. In most cases, entrapment is a tad difficult to provide. But then, there are provisions in place and the lawyer will make sure to use the legal protection to save the defendant. 

#8.Insanity Clause:

Under the insanity defense, the court of law prevents the defendants who are not in a position to function normally from being punished criminally. 

Defense lawyers have their own strategies and they make the best possible use of their skills and knowledge to win their cases.