Asset purchase agreement

Asset Purchase Agreement – A Critical Part of Business Asset Acquisition In Florida

Are you desperately interested in acquiring an already successful business entity in Florida to grow your business potential? If yes, then there are two ways to do so – one with asset purchase and another is by buying the shares of the company. Those who are more interested in business asset purchase, this is the best place to address your concern at.

As a business buyer, you would probably be more interested in purchasing assets because this step will help avoiding from expected previous liabilities of the company you are about to acquire. So, once finalising any business in which you have interest to acquire assets, and there is a mutual agreement with seller about the likely transaction for asset purchase, the need to make and negotiate the asset purchase agreement for supervising the contract details and to safeguard your interests arises.

These APAs are highly complex and have variance from one transaction to another. Hence, it is imperative to consult an asset purchase agreement attorney in Florida.

What Is An Asset Purchase Agreement?

An asset purchase agreement should overtly and precisely detail which business assets are going to be purchased by buyer. The best thing of asset purchase as compared to stock purchase as a buyer is; it allows buyers to select certain assets acquired by the business and prevent them from any kind of unwanted liabilities.

What is the difference between stock purchase and asset purchase?

In asset purchase, a buyer buys only certain assets in a company of seller and seller keeps on being the owner of assets that are not included in the asset purchase agreement. So, ownership transfer of purchased assets is required to be authorised with proper filings like transfer of titles etc. On the contrary, the stock purchase is all about purchasing stocks of a certain company a buyer is interested in and that company may have uncertain or hidden liabilities. Besides a public traded company, it is difficult for buyers to have the exact stock value of the company it supposes to purchase.

So, in asset purchase, buyers prevent the issues generated by some shareholders who may stand in the refusal of share selling. The asset acquisition with asset purchase is not that complex from the perspective of securities law as both the parties should not usually need to go along with state and federal securities regulations and laws in Florida.

Besides acquiring all shares of a business and so, liabilities and assets, in most of the cases, buyers show more interest in acquiring certain business assets with asset purchase agreements. Normally, the business will be itself selling assets in asset purchase, however, in stock or share sale, the sellers are individual shareholders. Most of the time, a buyer is more interested in buying business assets and seller prefers selling shares. The reason for the same is because the asset purchase gives buyers a flexibility and choice of picking the choicest assets to buy and discover exactly those liability which they want to take on.

It is highly crucial to learn the exact assets to purchase and as a part of APAs, the transferred assets may include – stocks, goodwill, machinery and plant, contract, know-how and premises.

Why You Need An Asset Purchase Agreement attorney?

The process of asset purchase often accompanies with a formal written APA or asset purchase agreement in Florida. Therefore both the parties – seller and buyer must have a written record of transaction. For avoiding any kind of issue and make appropriate negotiations and agreement drafting and editing, you need an asset purchase agreement attorney in Florida. From this attorney, you will find the best legal advice compliance with Florida Law and also guidance in processing the transaction. Moreover, the attorney or lawyer can perfectly represent buyer/seller in the court in case there is a need to file any petition or lawsuit related to the transaction.

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