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Florida’s Texting and Driving Law and the Problem With Texting and Driving

It's possibly the most substantial news running out everywhere in Florida and feasibly in the other parts of the world.

One of the reputed DUI Attorney in Orange park, just put a light in the same concern and added the information, Gov. Ron DeSantis approved a bill which makes 'Texting While Driving' a complete offense in Florida.

Hence, it gets utterly illegitimate in Florida to text on your smartphone while you're driving.

Effective into the play since July 1, "texting while driving" ban is one among other dozen of new rules and regulations approved by the Florida Legislature Government in the 2019 session for the furtherance of Florida people.

House Bill of 107, sponsored by Tampa Rep Jackie Toledo, gives a free hand to the whole law enforcement to pull all the drivers out who's suspected to be liable for tapping messaging on their smartphones while driving their 4-wheeler.

More so, DUI Lawyer in Jacksonville adds further, this law section will be probably cited as " Florida Ban On Texting Law While Driving."

It's been pretty clear enough that the intent behind this initiative is to improve the overall roadway safety of all the residents of Florida be it vehicle passengers, pedestrians, or vehicle operators. This way, possible vehicle crashes can be prevented, which would otherwise happen due to the act of text messaging while sitting behind 4-wheeler.

More so, enforcement of this law will also surely result in a decrease in the number of deaths, injuries, healthcare funds, property damage, automobile insurance rates and more caused due to the negligence of a driver.

In addition to making this law passed, the bill further makes active work areas and school zones as hands-free areas. None of the drivers is permitted to access their smartphones in these zones.

Once susceptible are found carrying the same activities, then is when officers will be able to get the offenders out of their cars and give them citations for violating rules, clearly stated by DUI Lawyer in Jacksonville.

According to the bill passed by the Florida government if the susceptible is found to be liable, he'll be liable of paying $30 fine at the first time, and this is going to be $60 fine (if repeated again).

The major idea to bring this law into the play was the stats which clearly depicts how the negligence of a few people impacted the lives of others. In 2015, there were more than 45,000 accidents that happened because of distracted driving in Florida which had resulted in the injuries of 39000 people. This is so much frightening to know. Therefore, in order to make safer streets for people, this law has come to the real.

DUI Lawyer in Jacksonville agrees with this decision of the government which proactively enforces safe driving of the people residing in Florida.

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