What does a drunk driving lawyer in Florida do?

From the very beginning, kids are super excited to reach the lawful driving age and learn how to drive. Once one attains a driving license, there is no stopping from that moment forward. You can take the car for a long drive, to run errands, when going to a party and much more. A lot of young individuals love to drive under the influence of an intoxicant, finding it a thrilling experience. But when one does so, it is not easy to escape the keen eyes of the cops. Once caught, you will be charged with DUI (driving under the influence) offense. But there is no need to panic. Take a deep breath and contact a drunken driving lawyer for your help! He is the one who can get you out of this sticky situation. It is their responsibility to ensure that a settlement happens or the court is in your favor.

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Do I need a DUI Lawyer?

If you ever get caught driving under influence, make it a point to contact a DUI lawyer at the earliest. He/she will guide you through the process and assist you to reduce the consequences. They will also guide you on the progress of your case, making your defense as strong as possible. In such cases, the insurance company also contacts you. They try to manipulate you to take the liability. But when you will have a seasoned lawyer by your side, they will offer you sane advice that will work only in your benefit. The prosecutors will also try to harshly grill you and you may end up saying something that could be used against you. But your lawyer will stop that from happening.

Another reason why you should consider hiring DUI lawyer is that they know Florida courts well. This familiarity can work greatly in your advantage. Your attorney is the one who would have faced the judge more than the public defender. So, a person with wealthy legal knowledge will be fighting from your side. Understanding case complexities and meeting the deadlines will be done by your lawyer.

What if I don’t hire a lawyer for DUI?

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When charged with DUI, you can face some incredibly severe consequences, such as jail time, heavy fine, loss of driving license, losing your job and more. This is why it is highly recommended not to leave things to a chance and one must get professional legal help.