Criminal Lawyers

Criminal law is basically a sub-category of the overall legal system and a separate branch from civil law. It deals with punishing individuals who commit crimes. Criminal law is a quite challenging and tough area. Being a criminal lawyer is one of the most diverse, exciting and thought-provoking legal careers you can think of.

Factors to Find Good Criminal Lawyers

When you take up criminal law, there is a huge gap between what you study in law school and what you need to practice in the real world. This is not a very common choice law students make. Only those who have the burning desire to serve the people and help the ones in need opt for this career. Participation in this field aids you help prevent crime in the community. You can contribute to the society by assisting in solving crimes.

Also, practicing criminal law not only has a slow career progression but is also not a very good paymaster especially for beginners. Nowadays, most of the young law graduates run after glamorous opportunities and thus shun this area.

Another major factor that keeps these young lawyers away from criminal law is the security issue. In this field, you often need to deal with dangerous criminals. It is this safety aspect that keeps most of the woman lawyers away from this field.

So, considering several factors like lack of family background, lesser financial incentives, delay in judiciary, corruption, uncertain career, etc. we can say that overall the criminal law is not a very lucrative field that young lawyers opt for. Rather they prefer to stay away from this profession. Most of them who opt for this branch either have someone in the family practicing criminal law or they are highly driven by passion. There are very few people who choose to study criminal law, hence it is very tough to find criminal lawyers.

Criminal Defense Attorney

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