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Misdemeanour and felony both are a punishable offense, and it depends on a particular state on how it sees a crime. Your act of breaking the law can come in either of the two categories depending on the judge's decision.

Misdemeanour is a lesser punishable offense in which one can get fined and also probably can serve jail time which will be less than a year. Usually, one is charged with a misdemeanour in the case of minor law-breaking acts like crossing a traffic light, minor theft, etc. A repeat offender, however, will bear harsh consequences for the same acts.

Felony is a more serious act where one can be charged with jail time of more than a year depending upon the seriousness of the law-breaking acts committed by a person. Death sentences can also be possible for a person who has committed a first degree crime. There are three degrees where the first degree is for the one with the highest level of crime committed. The crimes include grand theft, murder, raps, a deliberate, etc. There can be a huge fine levied in addition to jail time.

Throughout the United States of America, there are different policies that the States follows. According to one State, an act can fall under the category of a misdemeanour, whereas for the other State, the same act can be a felony. Generally speaking, one can distinguish between a felony and a misdemeanour according to the jail time. If jail time is less than a year, it is a misdemeanour, and if more than it will be considered a felony.

Child Custody gives a parent the right to control, care, and maintain the minor by supporting and providing for the necessary requirements for the upbringing of the child.In Florida, there are a set of guidelines that a court follows in order to determine various factors for the care and support of the child, that includes financial support, education, and parenting. There can be modification throughout the child custody for support regarding different decision making that will crop up from time to time during the upbringing of the child if either of the parents chooses to take matters in the court.

From deciding parental support and care to the protection of the child, each decision that the court will take will solely be for the child’s best interests. The court will take into account each factor that describes the capabilities of the parents. After which the court will decide which parent will have custody of the child based on who is more reliable, financially secure, and has a clean criminal record so that the child is brought up in a healthy atmosphere.

In such a case, you can let the court make a decision, and if your spouse fails to pay the same, then he or she faces a penalty. The judge is going to look at your whole situation by considering all the relevant factors. All those relevant factors include many different aspects like:

  • The length period of the marriage
  • Age of both the person’s
  • The financial status of both the parties
  • Reasons leading to the separation
  • The ability of the spouse to pay alimony to another party
  • Mental and physical health of both the parties
  • The time needed by the one side party to get self-independent

In addition to it, there are so many more reasons more, which are going to be considered by the court to reach the final decision. In a case of any more doubts and confusion, you can consider getting the help from right professionals who can make you guide in the complete process.

Yes, it's completely possible for men's as well to ask the court to award them with alimony. However, the final decision will be made by the court by considering all the important and pertinent factors.

Yes, Alimony laws are different in every state as there's no federal law governing separation and divorce laws as of now.

Yes, it's really important to follow-up with the court order and pay the decided child support until the court changes its orders. In a case, if you do not follow what the court ordered; you will be found susceptible to disobeying the laws and will be liable for paying the penalty or fine.

There are a number of ways to get the child support:

  • One of the most common ways of getting child support is by applying to the court under the Family law act or Divorce act
  • In a case, if you are at the good terms with your partner, then you can consider getting an agreement signed by considering child support guidelines.
  • If you find yourself in a situation where your partner is not getting agreed for child support, you can consider arbitrating to get the matter sought out in an effective and quick manner.

Judges always decide custody based on the best interests of the child. As per the law, Judges are required to give custody to the parent who can better meet the needs and requirements of the child in the future.

No, this is not possible at all. A father cannot stop his child from meeting his mother until and unless the court asks for the same.

No, there is nothing as such. Joint custody is somewhat where parents make the major decisions for their child/children collectively while shared custody deals with the place where children are currently living.

Yes, certainly! This could be the best choice you can make while dealing with domestic assault. No matter if you're the one going through this issue or someone nearby to you; a professional law firm can indeed help you deal with the complete situation in the right and effective manner.

No, hiring an experienced domestic violence lawyer is not that costly as it may seem to you in the starting. In fact, there are many providers available charging different fees for their services; it is just that you need to look out for the right one for the best help.

A professional and effective domestic lawyer can help you in many ways more so, it can be more than you even realize.

  • He/she will get you a protection order in place
  • Help you file a domestic violence lawsuit
  • Can help you file for divorce as well (if needed)
  • Can help you in following up with the child custody lawsuit

The answer to this question is completely different for everyone. Basically, the cost of divorce is determined by the complexity of the case. In such a case, you can consider taking overall assistance from a professional law firm specialized in settling divorce cases.

To get the divorce process started firstly, there needs to be a petition filed in your nearby court while this can be done with the assistance of a professional divorce attorney in your area. Once you and your lawyer are done with this petition thing, your spouse will get some specific days to respond to petition.

Whenever the petition is filed, then the court clerk will precede the case further by allotting your application with a case number. Once these processes are carried out from both the parties, then the court will decide some further date for court hearings.

In such a case, you should immediately have a talk with some professional law firm. You should also prefer not making any statement till the time your criminal defense attorney comes over there to avoid any uncertain situation ahead.

Our team of experienced attorneysmanages a number of law areas such as:

  • Criminal Defense
  • Bankruptcy
  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • DUI Law
  • Business and Commercial Law
  • Probate and Trust 

Irrespective of whether this is your major or sub-sequential point of concern, our law firm got everything covered.

Yes, it is completely possible having domestic violence issues arisen in bisexual and transgender relationships. It can happen with anyone irrespective of its gender. In such a case, it is important to get help from some professional and experienced law firm.

The consequences of Domestic Violence conviction will be decided depending on the specifics of the case. It can either result in fines, prison, probation, getting counseling, or anger management sessions.

The answer to your question is undoubtedly yes. A person is going to be charged in a case if the law finds him or her possessing drugs without any possession.

Yes, you will actually need to hire a professional attorney if you've been accused of any drug crime since the conviction of drug crime charges can severely affect your present and future. More so, in such a case, it is essential to hire an experienced attorney who will work for you to protect your rights. The attorneys at our firm will work thoroughly to cope up with your case and ensure to provide the suspect with the representation that will indeed fight strong from your end.

In such a case, you should consider hiring an experienced and professional DUI attorney . Chances are, your license will get suspended for a specific time period, and in order to get the license back from law bodies, the right attorney can help you.

The answer to this question completely varies on the DUI lawyer you're considering hiring. Further factors that are going to decide the cost factor is the complexity of your case.

A felony is usually a crime charge punishable by the imprisonment lasting for 1 year or more extended time period. It is a charge which comprises violent crimes such as kidnapping, murder, robbery arson, sexual assaults, or some DUI crimes.

Yes, it is entirely different. A Felony is usually a criminal offense which is rottenly punishable either by imprisonment or death in a state penitentiary while a Misdemeanor is a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment in a correctional facility or fine.

Yes, it's indeed true; it gets really tough to get new employment with a misdemeanoron the record.

No, this is not the case anymore. The answer to this completely relies on the charge for which you're suspected to be liable. Meanwhile, you can consider talking with our experienced attorney team to get the best assistance out for your matter.