Domestic violence defense lawyer

During 2016, there were 7,082 charges filed related to domestic violence in Duval County. We understand these charges are often filed in spite; not every charge results in conviction, and not every charge is legitimate. Anyone facing these charges needs to immediately contact a domestic violence attorney; a lawyer can help you understand your rights, and the penalties you may be facing.

Understanding domestic violence charges in Florida

There are several acts which can be classified as domestic violence ranging from threatening harm to causing the death of a person. Domestic violence victims include spouses, ex-spouses, former partners, and family members. Before someone can be charged with domestic violence, there must be an established relationship between the victim and the accused.

Why a defense attorney matters

Most people never have to deal with the criminal system; this means they are unaware of their rights, and do not understand the process. In domestic violence cases, there is always a chance the person making the accusation is not telling the truth, or they are exaggerating the incident. There are numerous reasons to work with a lawyer, primarily, because the penalties for a conviction can be very serious. The prosecutor will determine the severity of the claim; you could be charged with a misdemeanor charge, or a felony charge. You will also be served with a “no contact” warrant prohibiting you from contact with the alleged victim.

Consequences of conviction

If you are convicted of a domestic violence charge, the penalties are serious. In most cases, the penalties include:

  • Intervention program – you could be facing a 26-week program which you will have to attend. There are fees of up to $40 per session.
  • Fines – the court may assess a charge if you are found guilty; failure to pay the fine could result in your being arrested a second time, or the fine may increase due to penalties and interest.
  • Civil rights – you could lose your rights to own a firearm, and will no longer be eligible for a concealed weapons permit.
  • Lifelong record – unlike some other charges, if you are facing a domestic violence conviction, your record will remain forever; these charges cannot be expunged from your record.

As you can see, working with a law firm with experience handling these complex cases is important. As an accused person, you cannot have contact with the victim, your attorney can have such contact.

Victim changing stories

Many people who are accused of a domestic violence crime believe if the victim changes their story they will be able to forget about the charges; this is typically not the case. The prosecutor may go ahead with charges even if the victim recants their story.

Our Domestic Violence Law Firm Accepts Clients in Jacksonville, Orange Park and Daytona Beach, Florida

If you are looking for domestic violence defense lawyer in Florida, contact our law firm immediately. Working together, your attorney can investigate the claims of violence, find out what charges the prosecutor will be pressing, and help you mount a strong defense. Your future is at stake; the right lawyer can make all the difference.

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