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By Florida law it is the legal mandate for both parents to provide their child with financial support. Support is considered a right for the child and serves to ensure that their basic needs are met, but the support required of both parents varies. Child support paid is based on a formula, which includes the net income of parents, time spent with the child and certain specified expenses. The process functions this way to make sure that the health care and quality of life for the children involved remains as consistent as is possible. The child support system also makes sure that both parents are made to have a hand in child rearing and support.

Obtaining Child Support

To obtain child support is as simple a process as applying for it. The state guidelines handle the situation from there and depending on the presentation of each parent’s case the case of child support will be debated. The number of children, individual parental fiscal state and combined net income determine where the line is drawn in terms of support.

The court acts to divide child support so that the amount to be paid by each parent is relative to their living situation. A division relative to the situation is made to ensure that the child lives a lifestyle that matches that matches the wealth of both parents, as well as their collective ability to raise the child. If one parent provides a rich comfortable lifestyle it is considered unethical by the state to have the other parent provide an impoverished one.

Possible Child Support Modification

Depending on the fiscal state that the parents are in, child support is modified. This is to account for any sudden, unexpected scenarios that may impair or change the ability of a parent to provide any child support. Such scenarios include:

  • Job loss
  • Disability
  • Health insurance cost increase
  • Significant change in income.

When a modification worthy event happens a parent may motion to file the change so that the adjustments on the situation are reflected upon the paid child support.

Child Support Court Enforcement

When one of the parents do not provide the mandated support the court is brought in to enforce their ruling. Penalties for failure to pay child support include suspension of the offender’s driver’s license or passport, seizure of bank accounts, and putting a lien on property. Lack of payment also leads to the accruement of debt, which further increases with additional interest. The only way to avoid the debt increase is to pay the required amount in a timely manner.

Jacksonville, Orange Park and Daytona Beach, Florida Lawyers Aiding in Child Support Process

Child support is an elaborate process full of legal boundaries and strict guidelines. You will need a child support attorney who will represent you and your needs to the fullest. We approach matters with understanding and empathy, so that we voice your side of the argument clearly and concisely. We focus on child support law and make sure to pass on the benefits of that dedication unto you and your child support case. Allow us to aid you in the creation of your child support plans, Call Today for a Free Consultation.

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