Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

Florida law requires stores and other places of business to maintain safe conditions, but they do not always comply. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident at a grocery store or other place of business, you need to reach out to a personal injury attorney right away. A slip and fall settlement timeline could be a long, drawn out process, and the sooner you get started, the sooner you can get the treatment you need to recover fully.

Whether you have slipped after a grocery store employee failed to maintain clear, safe aisles or clean up a spill in a timely manner or you fell on a slick floor surface that was recently cleaned, the resulting injuries to your knees, back or neck can cause lasting damage. A slip and fall lawsuit can help you recover the cost of treatment and even your missed wages and other expenses.

What to do After a Slip and Fall Accident

If you have fallen in a place of business, it is important to fully document as much as you can. Seek out prompt medical attention and contact an accident lawyer right away. You should never agree to a settlement without speaking to an injury lawyer first; grocery store slip and fall settlements are notorious for being too low to truly compensate the victim for his or her injuries.

What is the Average Settlement for Slip and Fall Knee Injury?

The average settlement amount varies; a Florida slip and fall attorney can give you a true idea of what to expect from your case and what dollar value you could be compensated. Not all cases go to trial; slip and fall cases can and often are settled out of court in the state.

How much is a slip and fall case worth?

The factors that contribute to a typical slip and fall settlement include the amount of negligence on the part of the store or business, the degree of injury experienced and other specific details. Slip and fall out of court settlement amounts vary, but many of these cases are indeed settled out of court, allowing the victim to get the treatment and attention needed and to resume a normal life.

Get the Help You Need After a Slip and Fall Case in Florida

It is important to act quickly and get medical treatment after you have been injured. Fully documenting your case and reaching out right away to an attorney can help protect your rights and ensure you are treated fairly. Contact us to learn more and to talk about the specific details of your case; we’re here to make sure you are treated fairly after your injury.

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